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Tidy Litter Mat - FREE SHIPPING

Tidy Litter Mat - FREE SHIPPING

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 Tidy LitterMat: Your Solution for a Clean Litter Area Topcovos Cat Litter Mat, Litter Mat Double Layer Honeycomb  Trapping Mat, Easy Clean Litter Box Mat EVA Phthalate Free Kitty Litter Mat  : Pet Supplies

                       White Heavy Check Mark Emoji (U+2705) Double Layer Design

                       White Heavy Check Mark Emoji (U+2705) Easy to clean Mat

                       White Heavy Check Mark Emoji (U+2705) Saves you money on cat litter!

Clean Less, Save More on Litter!

This innovative design traps the cat litter before it hits the floor! No more time wasted on sweeping up cat litter. Simply shake the spilled litter out of the mat & back into the litter box saving you Time & Money.

LitterPro | Litter Box Mat | Pet's Satisfaction | Free Shipping

Water-Proof and Non-Slip

Protect all your floors with this non-slip, water-proof mat. Clean easily by rinsing or wiping clean.

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Due to High Demand, please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery. Email for an questions.


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